Billings County tanker truck rollover spills produced water

Published 11-27-2018

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BISMARCK, N.D. (AP) - A tanker truck rollover in Billings County spilled nearly 7,800 gallons of produced water onto rangeland and possibly Ash Coulee Creek.

The Health Department says the crash happened Saturday about 4 miles west of Fairfield. Liquid Connections Inc. reported it the same day.

Produced water is a mixture of saltwater and oil that can contain drilling chemicals. It's unknown how much got into the creek, which flows into the Little Missouri River.

State environmental scientist Bill Suess (sees) tells The Bismarck Tribune most of the brine soaked into the ground in a drainage area along the roadway.

He says officials collected samples at the creek Sunday and found no signs of contamination. Cleanup crews have installed a sump system to capture runoff and prevent any further contamination of the creek.

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