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We visited Bismarck and were impressed by the many attractions and activities in Bistrock, as well as the beautiful views of the city and its surroundings.

If you love national parks as much as we do, you might want to include a list of attractions in North Dakota, such as Yellowstone National Park, Grand Forks National Wildlife Refuge and Great Plains National Forest. If you get a chance, I hope you put it on your list of things to see in South Dakota. But if you have the time to make a detour here and there, here are five more fun things to do in North Dakota! Our favourites include the Bismarck Museum of Natural History, Bistrock State Park and Bistsrock Zoo.

Spend a day in Theodore Roosevelt National Park, with a place to spend an extra time in Medora, or spend the day with your friends at the Great Plains National Wildlife Refuge in Grand Forks.

Discover the North Dakota State Museum or visit the Bismarck Capital Area and stroll through the historic buildings of the state, including the State House, Capitol Building and House of Representatives. Northern North Fargo attractions are a must - see if you're traveling in this state, but be sure to visit the Heritage Center to get information about the park.

Immerse yourself in North Dakota's history on a tour of the state's capital, which has been occupied since 1935. It is a 19-story high-rise building that houses the State House, the House of Representatives and a number of other state buildings. Located on the NDSC campus, this free North Fargo Heritage Center is not only a state official history museum, but also the only public museum of its kind in the United States. This 19-story building in downtown Bismarck is one of only two such buildings in North America, along with the Capitol in Washington, D.C.

Founded in 1857, Fort Abercrombie State Historic Site is located on the former site of the Bismarck Fort of the US Army Corps of Engineers. Located in the heart of North Dakota's largest city, just a short drive from the state capital, this is a great place to enjoy some outdoor fun in North Fargo. To the south is the Great Plains National Wildlife Refuge, one of only two wildlife refuges in North Dakota, and to the north is Moose Mountain Provincial Park. This is the second largest wildlife refuge in South Dakota and is located about a half-hour drive south of Fargo on Interstate 94.

Bismarck is also known as one of the most popular hunting grounds in North Dakota, home to the Clark Mountain National Wildlife Refuge. Surrounded by parks and the green banks of the Missouri River, Bismarsck offers a variety of historic attractions to explore, as well as places to hunt, fish and picnic. With miles of paths and water to the north and south, you can be in Bistro Mandan in less than an hour.

Whether Bismarck, Fargo, Rapid City, Grand Forks or Fargo - Moorhead, North Dakota has something to discover. Our route is full of more than two dozen things to see and do on your North Dakota tour. From hidden attractions to unusual things to do in North Dakota, we've filled your itineraries with a list of the best places to visit and more.

Bismarck is a stopover with endless camping and backpacking in the wilderness of Theodore Roosevelt National Park. This collection is dedicated to the local history and culture found in Fargo, Rapid City, Grand Forks and surrounding North Dakota. Each has a unique story about the people who have inhabited North Fargo over the years.

A trip to Theodore Roosevelt National Park is high on our list of activities in North Dakota, but there are many more things you can do to visit the North Unit no less. You should not miss the visit to Theodore Roosevelt National Park, and you will love it.

Do something in Medora, North Dakota: Theodore Roosevelt National Park is covered in vast natural beauty with winding waterways, painted canyons and scenic views of the Great Plains. Makes 26th president in North Dakota : Do something in Lake Metigoshe State Park, located on the shores of Lake Bismarck in the northern part of North Fargo. See the view from the observation tower at the top of Mt. Rushmore, the highest peak in North America, and the scenic views of Mount Rainier and Grand Forks. You should definitely make it on your bucket list in North Dakota, it's one of our favorite places to see.

The Fargo - Moorhead Visitors Center in Fargo is a real eye-catcher and one of the best things to do in North Dakota to explore the state's history.

Lewis and Clark spent more time with them in North Dakota than in any other state. Visitors can experience the state's history, not to mention its history as home to the first US Army Corps of Engineers in 1804, as well as many other historic sites.

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