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The State Historical Society of North Dakota will soon say goodbye to a longtime archivist and a new architectural historian, it announced on June 22. The agency will open its new office in Bismarck on June 23, and the agency opened its first new building in more than a decade, the State Museum in Fargo, on June 26.

The expansion created more than 1,000 new jobs in the state's Department of History, as well as a number of new jobs. If you're looking to recall the days of the Wild West or immerse yourself in the beauty of majestic badlands, there are several museums in North Dakota that are right in your alley. These great museums are all located in Bismarck, so as you can imagine, there is plenty of history here. For those who like it a little warmer, our museums offer a range of art, history, architecture, science, art history and more.

The State Library is the main library, but it also holds printed volumes of source material and coordinates with the various libraries in the state. The Family History Room houses a large collection of printed and electronic source materials, as well as manuscripts from the North Dakota State Archives. These manuscripts and sources represent one of the most important collections in our country, and they also include the German collection in Russia. This archive and historical research library contain records that are discussed elsewhere, but are operated as a single entity by our State Historical Society of North Dakotas and quoted in various sections above.

For further information please make an appointment online Or call (701) 662-4357 or (672) 567-5555. A full-time employee of the North Dakota State Library is available to assist you in using the library collections.

The State Historical Society of North Dakota preserves, maintains and interprets 56 historic sites; they are the property of, and are preserved, interpreted, and maintained by the state. Society is committed to the networking of history and people through education, research, public relations and public engagement in the history of our state. In addition to serving as a state history museum, the agency operates the North Carolina State Museum in Bismarck, which is responsible for preserving the state's historic sites and presenting the state's history to the public through exhibits and branch museums. It offers a wide range of educational programs for children, adults and adults of all ages and abilities.

Below is information on the history of the North Carolina State Museum in Bismarck, North Dakota. The trail brings together a variety of historical and cultural artifacts from the museum's collection as well as a wide range of educational programs.

The free North Dakota Heritage Center, located on the NDSC campus, is the official history museum of the state and houses the North Carolina State Museum and Bismarck Museum of Art.

The North Dakota Heritage Center has recently been expanded and reorganized at a significant cost and serves as the state's official history museum and is located on the campus of the NDSC College of Humanities and Social Sciences in Bismarck. The museum is now surrounded by a number of historic buildings, including a museum hall, a library and an exhibition hall. It is home to the Dakota Territorial Assembly, which was established in 1851 as part of a treaty between the United States and the State of Dakota.

For history buffs, the city has many interesting attractions, including the Bismarck Museum of Natural History and the North Dakota State Museum. Founded in 1857, Fort Abercrombie State was built during the Civil War as a military base for the US Army Corps of Engineers. For some outdoor fun, visit the Great Plains National Wildlife Refuge, one of the largest national wildlife refuges in the United States and a great place to have fun outdoors in North Fargo.

This state park is located on the Missouri River near Mandan and covers over 1,000 acres of North Dakota military buildings. The Missouri - Yellowstone Confluence Interpretive Center tells the story of the confluence of two rivers located at the intersection of Missouri and Yellowstone in the town of Bismarck, north of North Fargo.

Known as the "Prairie Skyscraper," the North Dakota State Capitol is a 19-story art deco building dating from 1933. On the north side of Bismarck, north of North Fargo, is this huge steel and glass structure. This is the first in a series of 19-story buildings located in the central Bistro Park at the intersection of Main Street and South Dakota Avenue in the heart of the city.

The Ward County Historical Society is located on the Souris River in the North Dakota State Fairgrounds. The Historical Society is the oldest public museum in the country, and its first application for admission was made on 19 October 1965. First established in 1812, it celebrated 125 years of statehood in November 1914 in Steele County, North Fargo. It is one of the most important documents in Bismarck's history, filed in November 1965.

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