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You might look at an ordinary car stop and not expect North Dakota to be a foodie destination, but you may never have heard of a Bismarck restaurant. This pub is located in a historic building and is the local choice for the best cake in the state. You wouldn't expect this pub on the corner of North Main Street and South Main Avenue in Bistro Park to be a "foodie destination," but it does.

Besides beer, the Walrus also offers pub fare such as pasta, burgers, pizza and steaks, and the menu also includes a wide selection of beer and wine, as well as wine and spirits. With succulents outside the windows, gluten-free pastries and a weekly seasonal menu featuring local ingredients, you can feel like you're in the heart of historic downtown Bismarck, with its old-world charm. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner and offers fried steaks with dumplings, meat cakes and other fillings that are made to order.

Blarney Stone, just outside Bismarck, is home to one of North Dakota's most popular craft beer bars. The city needs a place where locals and visitors can meet for a drink and a meal in the heart of the historic city centre.

The taco bag, also known as a walking taco, has also been shown in other locations, but that's something in North Dakota. The group, which sells concessions at basketball and hockey games, insists there is no "taco bag" in Bismarck, just a bag of tacos. Many vendors claim to be responsible for their own creations, such as the "taco bag" and "burgers in a bag." The traditional favorites are tacos, burgers, hot dogs, chicken wings and a variety of other dishes.

Blarney's Stone Pub also offers happy hour with daily food specials from 3pm to 6pm on weekdays. In Pfauenallee you will find a Martini, which has been voted the best restaurant in Bismarck, and in the sister bar Luft's Rooftop Bar you can enjoy a wide selection of cocktails as well as a wide selection of beers and wines.

Craft beer is a must for artisanal pizza and there is a wide range of craft beers, as well as wine and spirits. Almost all beers here contain North Dakota base malt, so don't worry, if you're in town, there are plenty of options and the selection is constantly changing. Taste a North Dakota beer made from barley grown by local farmers and malted on the street.

Bismarck's food landscape is strongly local, meaning that the city's ethnic heritage is reflected in a strong mix of German and Norwegian dishes. The menu includes, where possible, locally sourced and organic ingredients, specializing in North Dakota beef, as well as a wide selection of other meats and vegetables.

Some of the most popular foods in North Dakota can be found in some restaurants and restaurants, and some of them are best to visit. The restaurant is known for its wood-fired and fire-pizzas, which include Roma Dakota, garlic - infused olive oil, sun - dried tomatoes, garlic, basil and oregano, Roma - Dakota and grilled pork, made from pulled pork and caramelized onions. This eatery also has locations in Fargo and Grand Forks and offers a wide selection of locally made beverages including beer, wine, cider and spirits.

Besides steak, another North Dakota favorite is dumplings, and there are many variations of them that are served with coffee at weddings today. German speaking immigrants from what is now Ukraine who brought cakes to Northern Fargo in the 1880s. Opened in 1969, the restaurant quickly became famous for its deep-fried beef pastries and a host of other dishes. The redesigned restaurant has a more modern, contemporary look, reflecting the restaurant's location on the corner of Main Street and Main Avenue in Fargo and its location in Grand Forks.

Women of the Prairie Room is full of artwork depicting early settlers, dedicated to those who lived in North Dakota's badlands and were cowboys, and the history of Fargo and the Fargo region.

The Boiler Room in Fargo has surpassed Mom's Mom - a rib-eye made from stick bread - by combining a house of cakes with a variety of local ingredients such as corn bread, corn flour and corn syrup. The Blarney Stone serves a Guinness stew of slow-cooked tender beef. Bison occur in the form of bison, buffalo, roe deer, elk, coyotes and other wildlife as well as other animals.

Freddy's Lefse in West Fargo, where the same family has been making Lefse since 1946. If you don't make your own Lefse at home, you can still make it at Freddy's in Fargo.

Bismarck has an impressive restaurant scene, but you don't know exactly which variety will be on the menu on a given day. Walrus, a popular neighborhood eatery, is known as one of Fargo's most popular vegetarian restaurants, offering a wide variety of vegetarian, vegan, vegan and gluten-free options. The pastries alone are worth a trip to Bismarck, and the food bloggers find on site - vegetarian cuisine in the restaurant, so you do not have to travel far.

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