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The world's best bull riders have the chance to compete in one of the most prestigious bull riding events in the world and secure a spot in the World Finals in Las Vegas. This event is not only a great event for fans of professional bull riders, but also a great opportunity for newcomers to experience the exciting sport.

In addition to powwows, music and dancing, you can attend a fire art show with live music, food trucks and more. On BPRD's social media you will find up-to-date information on where to find free tennis equipment and prizes for you and your family.

Send us pictures of your summer fun and you can win a prize package from Bismarck Parks and Recreation. Before the event, the event will be promoted on the Facebook page for text subscribers.

The purpose of the newsletter is to disseminate information about events, events and other topics related to the city's operations. The newsletter will contain information about public events as well as news and updates on the activities of the city.

To learn more, visit, or call Kathy at (701) 584-5555 or email [email protected]. Take your creepy creep card from the Black Lions and start your hunt!

After a day in Bismarck, I recommend that everyone devote at least two or three days to the many sights and attractions of the city. There are many ways to enjoy Mandan culture and get a head start on Christmas shopping. If you're tired of sightseeing and just want to spend a day of retail therapy or if you've been to the Bisto after work and want to go shopping, head to Kirkwood Mall.

If you love vibrant street art and murals, this is the place to visit, especially if you're into reflection in North Dakota. The avenue is one of my favorite places in Bismarck and a great place for a day trip to fall in love with the themes and reflections of North Fargo.

These include a sit-in at the Bismarck Museum of Art and a visit to the North Dakota Historical Society Museum.

Bismarck is also a great place to learn about the history of the US Army and its history in North Dakota. From here you can see many historic buildings, listen to music from local bands and see Lt. Gen. John F. Kennedy and his staff stationed here. Other popular galleries include the National Museum of Natural History and the American Civil War Museum.

You can visit Bismarck's oldest church, the 1909 North Pacific Locomotive, and visit the North Dakota Museum of Natural History and the American Civil War Museum.

Fort Abraham Lincoln was built to protect the North Pacific Railroad, which is being built west of the river. During the cruise, you can enjoy the view of Bismarck on the water and admire historic buildings such as the North Dakota Museum of Natural History and the American Civil War Museum. You can see the keelboat Lewis and Clark used to explore Louisiana, and visitors can actually climb aboard and read about its history.

Bismarck played an important role in the Lewis and Clark expedition due to its location on the Missouri, and historical attractions associated with the voyage of discovery can be found throughout the city. For history buffs, this city has many interesting attractions, including the North Dakota Museum of Natural History and the American Civil War Museum and the National Park Service Museum.

Located on Capitol Grounds next to the state capital, the museum is known as Smithsonian Plains and a must-see attraction. The Capitol grounds also include Myron Atkinson Park, named after Bismarck's famous civic leader. This park also has a skating trail and volleyball court and is also a great place to spend some time in BISMARck.

The atrium is popular for events and small weddings and a great place to take some Instagram photos - worthy shots in Bismarck. The observation deck is located in the Sky Zone of BISMARck, which offers plenty of freedom of movement and a fantastic 360-degree view of the state capital. Here you can enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree view over Bismsarcks and view the city from the sky.

More than 400 men's and women's teams take part in the Bismarck Marathon, with all proceeds going to a local association.

Get the kids wet, eat some fries, and the city will be in town, but if you're like us and want to do something fun and festive, check out Haunted Fort. Participants can expect fun, including live music, food trucks, live entertainment and more than 100 vendors.

When flying in Bismarck, you can see a Triceratops skull before you leave the security area.

At 241 feet, it is the tallest building in North Dakota and is known as a prairie skyscraper. That's because she grew up in the delta west of North Fargo, not Bismarck or the city itself.

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More About Bismarck